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anyOS to change the world,

You will meet. 

It controls iOS and Android on this one unit.


You just carry around a 4.7-inch screen, can handle multiple smartphones, credit cards, card keys, and more.

It's a miracle and minimal. 


Because a Thin client device with no data,

So Hardware expansion is infinite.


It frees you from many tools.

That is "Device"*



Many tools

have become not "tools".

When it began that we come to live with many tools like it?


- A commodity with more than the necessary specifications and price

- A design that has lost its aesthetics

- A screen what is too big and monopolize our pocket

I think tools are things that make human centered, make people happy and that they can improve our lives with our own idea.​

In our hearts, I wonder are we satisfied everyday?


To be myself.


What we want is information and communication.

Other than that, I want to keep it simple.

With such an idea, I created Device.


It has no main OS and no data.

I want keep tools simple anytime.


Device is a tool for you to be yourself.

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