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a Thin-client phone

wants to change ALL

We should re-examine tools from your own will rather than adapting to stuff.

We want a tool that is infinitely simple and has just the right amount of functionality.


Device has "three visions" to designed as a simple tool for humans



Freedom with


Device does not have data in own.

It is called "thin client device" and also has high security for personal and corporate data management.


Moreover, works on anyOS*.

No needs to warry to choice xOS and yOS.

No jailbreak or disassembly required.


We reccomend a completely new style.



Unlimited scalability

like us humans

Device can be extensible as we like.


It can store IC chips such as SIM cards, transportation IC cards, credit cards, card keys, and so on.

It means to possible to unite without an app.


And You can also extend the functionality hardware you want. **



it's so important.

Balls of baseball, a Grip of motercycle, mouse of computer...there is always just the right size as a tool.

Because we have sizes in our hands.

Device is a 4.7-inch tool designed for one-handed operation and portability.

Thin and light. No extra burden on your thomb and pockets.

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