What you want to do

What is creating diversity in the world?

It is the "will" of each of us.


Instead of matching you to stuffs, 

Let's think about what we want to do with using Tools.


Device is a minimal tool for humans.

We have designed it on "three visions".




Spoons, pencils, musical instruments ...

Tools are always the right size because our hands are about the same.


Device is a 4.7-inch tool that is premised on one-handed operation and portability.


Thin and light tool is the right way of mobile devices.


There is nothing

so, Have everything

The concept of Device is on a very Ingenious idea.

It has neither data nor main OS.


It is not tied to anything.

so, It has infinite possibilities.


For example,

you can operate iOS and Android with one Device.

It is called as "Multiverse".


No jailbreak or disassembly required,

We realize a completely new style.

( Patent applied for )


In the internet world,

We need our identity.

There is no (atomic level) original in the data world.

You can duplicate as many times as you like and It can be anywhere. It is the greatest advantage of digital, and at the same time the "greatest threat" to humans.


Device is aiming for is the world to not depend on cloud-computing. We will make the environment that "Your important data is only here".


It is "Rainbow Computing".

It directly connects your local server and your Device and create a clear world without clouds.